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The Waw Edition

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There is promise in every new dawn; the promise of a new start, new chances, new opportunities and new hope. And it is time to embrace that promise! 

Perhaps, like me, you've been wondering if Christianity is really on the decline. An extensive study by Pew Research Center has revealed that Christians in America are declining sharply in terms of population share, while the religiously unaffiliated are rising and now make up a larger share. Are our Shepherds more focused on amassing wealth and fame than on doing exactly what God has called them to do? Are Christians playing their part or are they just the perfect description of the word LAZY? What would become of Christianity in the next few decades if the people of God don't rise up to an upsurge of unstoppable evangelism, with a renewal of faith and a revival of true godliness?

And if you are convinced that circumstances around you cannot allow you to fulfill your God-given destiny, the Traumatic Childhood of Tyler 'Emit' Perry (page 40), is just what you need to discover that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the New.

The exclusive interview with Joe Mettle (page 20) also enlightens us about the great miracles God can perform not just in our lives but in the lives of all who come in contact with us when we avail ourselves to Him.

Did you know that whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your soul? Create beauty even in your abode with our amazing Interior Decoration tips (page 16) to help boost your morale as you restore your soul. And rock your world in decent but classy fashion styles (page 30).

Spark up your marriage and relationship with the bare truth about, 10 Things Men Want from Their Women but Would Never Say (page 18).

Life is full of beautiful moments; share in Ps Isaiah's beautiful moment with his lovely wife, Rita and of course, the beautiful Ama Pratt who recently tied the knot with Kwame Danso. You can as well share your beautiful moment with us. Just call us.

Let this WAW Edition, 'wow' you and make you see how amazingly your life changes when you embrace the reality that your life can be so much better than the life you've settled for. It is the beauty in embracing change and the feeling of newness that comes with.

A New Year, A New start and a New way to go! Wish you glorious success in all your endeavours. Always remember the Promise.

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