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The Daleth Edition

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Here’s to my favorite subject to contemplate – success. Oh, how wonderful it feels when you finally nail that deal… or you overwhelm audience with that concert or performance. It indeed takes great determination and persistence to get that. But does everyone bear with you and celebrate your success without judging? Is it just human to judge the essence of one’s success?

In this edition of TODA, we offer you a chance to explore some options – to assess your business, social and moral life as we draw closer to the end of this year. The last quarter of the year is a good time to turn up the heat on the way you’re thinking about your journey in life and not compromise on creativity and quality, taking a cue from the inspiring interview with Cwesi Oteng on his journey in life.

Go to page 38 and really take in what Rev Dr Ebenezer Markwei writes in his article “Can’t Stop the Music” which heat the nail right on the head about how we should react to the success of others.

We agree that no one can live a fulfilling life without love.  But how much do we know about “love” and what we deserve in any relationship? Find this out in Faustine Kakrabah’s article “The Love You Wish You Experience” on page 34, while you learn how to detect and resolve your employees’ issues on page 50 so you have a much more successful 2014.  

Spend some time renewing yourself and becoming clear about who you are. The greatest journey any of us can take is to know ourselves. Let love reign!