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The Beth Edition

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We were totally blown away by the enormous interest and exciting feedback from the first edition. This is just the beginning guys! It can only get better by His awesome grace. The success of the first edition also goes to show how much Ghanaians love Gospel entertainment.
Talking about entertainment, GH has seen a massive revolution in gospel entertainment as gospel concerts flooded the country from January right up till date, with the rise of PL Crew and the Next Generation Ministry Network, among others.
The event lineup for the rest of the year however, seems to be more intense. But we should never forget the ultimate purpose of these events, which are:                            

1. To clearly present the Gospel in music.

2. To provide the Church (the people) with God-honoring music that doesn’t have to be screened before people listen to it; that promote a sanctified, holy lifestyle; and encourage people in their walk with the Lord.

3. To sell records or album to sustain the gospel.

And more importantly,

4. To provide an alternative for the world’s entertainment. Remember, it’s ok to have fun as a Christian!!! It should be fun, but also spiritually challenging. We should leave the church or venue saying “God is a good God.” We shouldn’t be praising the group, and how flashy they look. Our purpose is to POINT PEOPLE TO CHRIST!!!

The Great Commission hasn’t expired. Everyone has been called to do that, whether they are a singer, a lawyer, a nurse, or a teacher. A Christian’s primary goal is to spread the Gospel. What better way to do that than through the wonderful avenue of music? Martin Luther said, “Preaching is the chance for God to speak to His people. But music is the people’s chance to speak to their God”. Gospel music is fun. It should be. Artists need to sell to stay on the road. So sell all you can. Stay on the road. But don’t forget who called you, and why you are called.

God bless us all as we continue to praise God and celebrate true worshipers.