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Toda Africa (registration number: CG041232016) was founded in 2016 as a nonprofit organisation in Accra, Ghana to undertake the vital work of women and youth empowerment. We provide healthcare, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to vulnerable women and youth in Africa, empowering them to make positive socioeconomic change for a sustainable future. Since its establishment in 2016, we have reached out to over 6,000 women and youth through our free Community Medical Outreach, Skills Training and Mentorship initiatives. We address the need to reduce poverty and inequality by 2030 in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 3, 8 and 10. Our programmes are carefully designed not just to promote healthcare, entrepreneurial and leadership skills, but also to help maximize profit and sustainability of SMEs in our developing economy. 

 Our programmes include;

Free Medical Outreach
Touch a Life (TAL) project
Changers Hub

The June 2020 Ghana Statistical Service report shows that 49.71 percent of Ghana’s population is poor. The indicators that contribute most to multi-dimensional poverty in Ghana are lack of health insurance coverage, under-nutrition, school lag and households with members without any educational qualification, all resulting from monetary poverty and inequality.

Ghana has made impressive strides in its economic development. Yet, inequality is on the rise and large parts of the population are at risk of being left behind. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has demonstrated once again that it is the most disadvantaged who pay the highest price in times of a crisis. To better protect them, not just in times of crises, Toda Africa believes that they must be empowered to be self sustaining entrepreneurs through good healthcare, free skills training and mentorship.

Why Only Women and Youth?
Women and youth are increasingly seen as an important part of the international development agenda. Empowering women and promoting gender equality are enshrined as global development objectives within the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agreed to in 2000.
Progress in the fight against poverty has demonstrated the importance of focusing poverty alleviation efforts on women and youth. Despite the great gains that have been made, gender inequality and violence against women still exist in every country in the world. Poverty reduction efforts should focus on women and youth because they are vital to sustainable development. The empowerment of women and youth lead to economic growth and increased social stability since the current generation of 1.8 billion adolescents has become the largest in history. These 1.8 billion young people have a tremendous impact on all parts of social and economic change.
Poverty reduction efforts should focus on women because women have fewer opportunities for equal and meaningful education, jobs, and health care. Access to these human rights is essential in order to escape from poverty. Currently, women own only one percent of all property and earn just 10 percent of all income, yet they produce half of the world’s food.

Credit: Kat Henrichs

Our Vision:
Uplifting vulnerable women and youth; touching lives.

Our Mission:
To mobilize resources for addressing the socioeconomic challenges facing vulnerable women and youth and enable them realise their full potential through promoting programs on education, health care, recreational skills and leadership.

Our Objectives are;

  • To collaborate with stake holders and funding agencies to help reduce poverty in Africa to the barest  minimum by 2030.
  • Improve access to primary healthcare by screening and early intervention. 
  • Provide free life skills training and mentorship to vulnerable women and youth through the street business school module.
  • Contribute to build up stability in Africa where all people can have access to education, health care and employment.
  • To make the love of Jesus Christ meaningful to all.

"Love and business and family and religion and art and patriotism are nothing but shadows of words when a man is starving."
O. Henry, Heart of the West, 1907