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Changers Hub

The current generation of 1.8 billion adolescents is the largest in history. These 1.8 billion people have a tremendous impact on all parts of social change.
Young people are more receptive to change and have a large stake in creating a strong future. Youth involvement facilitates positive social change, including structures, policies and procedures that are demand-driven to address the social and economic needs of their communities and countries, now and in the future.

This project is designed by Toda Africa with the goal of expanding opportunities for youth leadership and active citizenship towards a more inclusive Ghanaian society. In particular, the project provides over 1,000 student leaders with improved knowledge and skills needed for effective social change leadership. The project also enhances opportunities for young leaders to apply leadership skills through the development and implementation of youth-led social change initiatives.

The Changers Hub is part of youth development process and supports the young person in developing: (a) the ability to analyze his or her own strengths and weaknesses, set personal and vocational goals, and have the self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and abilities to carry them out (including the ability to establish support networks in order to fully participate in community life and effect positive social change); and (b) the ability to guide or direct others on a course of action, influence the opinions and behaviors of others, and serve as a role model.